After its sixteen years of popularity in Taiwan’s well-known 147 sports theme park, Resalaser now brings the exciting lasertag experience to Hong Kong. The game is played with low degrees of laser lights, allowing a safe and painless, fun and exciting combat experience. We’ve collaborated with an experienced Amercian professional team to invet new equipment and a 147-NSLT system which surpassess the old style infrared lasers. To increase accuracy and sense of reality, the new 147-NSLT system uses laser lights that are highly directional and have low degrees of diffusion.

Our various game modes with different level of intensity allow for a variety of age groups and group functions to have their own personalized experience. Professional strategic players are also welcome for an exciting tactical game with us.

Resalaser have just expanded to a 10000 sq ft venue and will keep providing lasertag activitiy with multifunctional party area for kids parties, company team building and friends gatheringfor group up to 100 guests

Birthday Parties
Team Building
Gathering and Parties
Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

Resalaser has been a popular place for kids and adult to have their birthday parties and enjoy a good time with friends and buddies

Team Building
Team Building

Our variety of game more allow teammates to communicate and cooperate to know more about each other. We also have experience trainers to offer debriefing service for company members

Gathering and Parties
Gathering and Parties

We offer customized packages and rates for groups looking to have amazing experiences at Resalaser HK. That’s what makes us the perfect destination for your next event.

Game Modes

Vaierty of Modes, Variety of Fun!

Free for ALL
No teammates , kill whoever you see in the battle field!
Limited Life
For more experienced players, got killed a certain time then will be elminated from the game
Unlimited Life
Suitable for beginners and kids, just shot and run!
VIP mode
Mission of the game is to protect the VIP, your team wins if the other teams VIP got killed
Vampire Mode
A few players will be chosen to be vampire, human will be infected by vampire when get shot by vampire, mission is to stay alive in 2 mins!
Feel free ask us for more game modes!!



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